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Hello friends! I’m a baby dyke blogging about my experiences coming out, lezzing out, and simply figuring it out. I’m a hybrid lesbian—I identify as both a chapstick and femme lesbian. Despite my feminine presentation, I’m definitely not a lipstick lesbian. I rarely wear makeup. When I do wear makeup, I never use more than three items. Generally, those items include concealer, mascara, and chapstick. Oh, chapstick doesn’t count as a makeup component? Then I guess I use two components.

So, what’s a chapstick lesbian, you ask? Chapstick lesbians are practical creatures. Everything in my wardrobe is comfortable and practical. Why would I wear something that isn’t comfortable? I’m definitely not stylish, because I honestly don’t care enough to be stylish. However, I care very much about being clean. I do wear dresses and skirts, but only super comfortable ones that are stretchy and feel like jammies. Actually, my outfits are almost always as comfortable as jammies.  

Also, I obsessively wear chapstick. You don’t have a car chapstick, office chapstick, bedside chapstick, jacket chapstick, other jacket chapstick, and bathroom chapstick? Weird. Sounds like you’re an unprepared person. I usually have access to two sticks/tubes at all times. I mean, I could lose one. *gasp*

About 6 months after I came out, I asked one of my lesbian gurus (what I call all my older lesbian friends) if I was a lipstick lesbian and she said, “Nah, you’re a chapstick lesbian.” After reading about other chapsticks online, I knew I found my crew. However, I am pretty femmey, so “chapstick femme” is a more accurate representation of all this. *gestures toward my body*

I hope you enjoy the blog! Please comment, share, like on Facebook, and follow on Twitter. As always, cheers to women loving women. 

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